Yesterday, one of the bloggers I follow posted a photo of a bench by a river. I was going to post today’s photo yesterday but at the last minute, decided on something else.

This wasn’t the first time that Betty and I had been on the same wave length on the same day. Betty is an inspiring writer and her varied topics range from travel experiences to diy projects and everything in between. She has a great sense of humour and her blog, is always an entertaining read.

It’s intriguing how we can “meet” people through online platforms and, over time, connect in a powerful way. Perhaps it’s shared interests that draw us to each other’s blogs in the first place, and then, through commenting back and forth, familiarity grows.

I took my feature photo on a morning walk in September. The bench is overlooking a narrow stretch of the Souris River. Our Museum is across the river. I snapped this when I was learning about layering to add depth to landscape photos.

These days, I’m not able to operate my phone camera properly with just my right hand, so I’m thankful that I took lots of photos when I was practicing lessons from the phone photography course.

“There’s something very enticing about an empty bench under a tree. And if it’s facing a river, that’s the bench for me.”

Joyce Rachelle