Day five of our Saskatchewan road road trip took us south through the Qu’Appelle River Valley. Just five days earlier, and we had crossed the Saskatchewan River valley heading north. Both of these areas, with their soft rolling hills, were beginning to get decked out in their fall finery. The contrast of the golds and yellows against the remaining resisting green, always reminds me of a battle between “what was” and “what’s to come”.

Farther south, we enjoyed a drive through Moose Mountain Provincial Park alongside Kenosee Lake.

For a bit of nostalgia and reminiscing, we stopped briefly at the Kenosee Lake townsite. This is where we enjoyed many summers in our childhood, our teens, and in our early adulthood. Many memories came flooding back for both hubs and me.

In five days, we had covered 2100 K (1305 miles). In that time frame, and over that distance, we managed to see and learn so many things we didn’t know about this place we call “home”. Over the past year and a half, we’ve explored many areas of our wonderful Saskatchewan and we’re not anywhere near being finished, but that will be it for this year.

Yesterday, we received the welcome news that the Canada/US land border will open to fully vaccinated Canadians in early November! We’re excited to become snowbirds and “Winter Texans” again. The timing will be just about right for when the cast comes off my left arm. I’m also excited to have some new blog material for you, as we make our way to Texas and then spend four or so months there.

“Still, round the corner, there may wait, A new road or a secret gate.”