Along Highway 11 (The Louis Riel Trail), there are 10 metal sculptures located in various towns, depicting aspects of life of the Métis People from 1850 – 1900.

The sculptures were all created by Don Wilkins, an artist from the Girvin, SK area. Wilkins was also instrumental in the naming of The Louis Riel Trail.

Although hubs and I had traveled this highway numerous times, we had never noticed nor known about these sculptures. Our stop in Davidson on day four of our Saskatchewan road trip changed that.

The Métis Fiddler and the Red River Cart are on the same grounds as the giant coffee pot (featured in yesterday’s post).

Because we had (unknowingly) already passed several of the sculptures, we committed to devoting time in a future road trip to visit them all.

“The key to understanding any people is in its art: its writing, painting, sculpture.”

Louis L’Amour