Due to a freak accident the other day that caused a fall and a nasty break in my left forearm, I’ll be away from posting for a while.

I’m very predominantly left-handed so pecking away with my right hand is too frustrating right now. In addition, pain meds are new to me and are making me feel quite fuzzy.

I’m seeing an orthopaedic surgeon tomorrow.

I’ll still be following your posts. Forgive me for not commenting. Perhaps I’ll become more adept with my right hand as time goes on. This little post took me almost an hour.

My feature photo is from a morning walk last week, when the river was like glass.

“ A lot of healing is in the mind. I’m not talking about serious illnesses like cancer. I’m talking about ordinary broken bones. Healing begins in the head. You have to convince yourself you can do it.”

Tony McCoy