Lloydminster is the only city in Canada that sits in two provinces. Geographically, it’s located in west central Saskatchewan and in central Alberta.

The border runs along a street near city centre and is marked by four tall red pillars. I hadn’t shot my feature photo in landscape mode, so, with the height of the pillars, editing to find a good crop size was a bit of a challenge. Also, in order to draw attention to the pillars, I edited out many distracting power lines and cables that crossed the street.

Each pillar has the crests of both provinces on the front and back of its base.

“Lloyd”, as it is affectionately known by both Saskatchewan and Alberta residents, was our second overnight stop on our Saskatchewan road trip.

Complete with 35 parks, unique shops, and an extensive collection of outdoor murals, Lloydminster has plenty to offer for an enjoyable day.

After a swim and a hot tub at our hotel, we decided we needed a cholesterol boost, so we shared an order of poutine (invented in Canada) and dry ribs in the nearby casino dining room.

We played a bit in the casino after supper and had a lot of fun, trying to win our fortune. All we managed was to do was to break even, so the entertainment was free. I always say that breaking even is a “win” when it comes to casino gambling.

“People like to risk pennies to win dollars.”

Naved Abdali