Before we headed out from Swift Current on day two of our road trip, hubs thoroughly cleaned the car windows. He does this often as we travel because he knows I like to photograph things from the vehicle.

In a photography course I took many years ago, the instructor said that when on a road trip, to be sure to take photos from the vehicle. He also said to include some portion of the vehicle like a bit of a side mirror or some of the dashboard because to crop those things out takes away from the sense of movement.

The contrast of this stretch of freshly paved road heading into the newly harvested golden fields of rolling southwestern Saskatchewan was a memory I wanted to keep.

Unfortunately, we had been on the road just long enough to collect more of those distracting bug smears. I took the shot anyways and hoped I could salvage it in editing.

Original Photo Before Edits

Once again, a couple of editing apps saved the day. I used Touch/Retouch to remove the bug smears. Because our car windshield is slightly tinted, it tends to act like a filter and alter the colours in the shot. I used Snapseed to correct the white balance. My feature photo is the end result.

“The open road is a beckoning, a strangeness, a place where a man can lose himself.”

William Least Heat-Moon