Exciting news!

Today, hubs and I are leaving on a little adventure. We have no idea about how long we’ll be gone and even less of an idea as to where we’re going.

We’re not taking the motorhome as it’ll be easier to hotel it for this type of trip.

All I know is that we’ll stay within our province. We hope to have enough time to visit a few places before everything gets shut down again due to Covid19 (which looms large as a possibility).

We’re both fully vaccinated, so at least we have that going for us in the event that we end up somewhere that requires proof of vaccination for access. What a world were living in!

This will be our first ever totally unplanned vacation. Aside from being thrilled that retirement allows us to travel like this, I’m completely sold on the anticipation and the mystery. I’m also excited to have new material to photograph and write about.

I wonder where Ill be posting from tomorrow morning. This is going to be so much fun!

“One of the most beneficial and valuable gifts we can give to ourselves in this life: is allowing ourselves to be surprised! It is okay if life surprises you. Its a good thing!”

C. JoyBell C.