One of my favourite pastimes on more leisurely walks is to forage for edible things that grow in the wild.

There aren’t many things as satisfying as being out in nature with the purpose of finding things to eat.

Wild rose hips are abundant alongside the river. This is the time of year that they’re at their peak, so yesterday I walked out there to get some to dry for rose hip tea.

The earthy, citrusy odours coming from my oven this morning are a part of my reward from yesterday’s haul.

And soon, it’ll be tea time. Below is a photo of a cup I brewed from a handful fresh rose hips I put in my pocket while on a walk last week.


“All of the people who work in the kitchen with me go out into the forests and on to the beach. It’s a part of their job. If you work with me you will often be starting your day in the forest or on the shore because I believe foraging will shape you as a chef.”

Rene Redzepi