On Father’s Day weekend, our daughter and her family visited. Due to COVID-19, we hadn’t seen them since mid October last year.

Our girl has been fearless since she was a toddler. Shes 38 now and is as fiercely fearless as ever.

This photo is of her first ever sky jump, which she had arranged at the airport here. I thought, “Great – we haven’t seen you in forever and now you’re going to jump out of a perfectly good airplane!”

When she jumped from the plane with her tandem instructor, he asked her if she wanted to try some “crazy stuff”. Of course, she said yes, and my heart did flip-flops as I watched three somersaults after their shute opened.

She definitely didn’t inherit this fearlessness from her Mama.

The image is “as shot”. I took it into editing to see if I could blue up the sky a bit, but decided the parachute showed best against the sky colour captured by my iPhone.

“Being fearless isn’t being 100% NOT fearful. It’s being terrified but you jump anyway…”

Taylor Swift