Although it’s not a statutory holiday, the first Saturday in June each year in Canada has been declared by a federal government act, to be National Health & Fitness day.

Yesterday was an extremely hot day for power walking, so instead, I kept it to a two kilometre brisk walk to Signal Hill and back. Even at that, I found the heat suffocating. Normally, Id take a hot day like that off, but I felt a duty to help celebrate our declared day for health and fitness.

Signal Hill is the highest point in our flat prairie town. It’s said it was given the name because smoke signals from this spot could be seen for miles around.

I had to smile when I realized that this spot continues to serve its name, even though they’re a different kind of signals today.

“Technology evolves, language changes, the voice breaks, fate overtakes us. Naming things is never innocent.”

Jean Baudrillard