On the “cool down” portion of my power walk yesterday, I stopped to admire the many planters that are on display every summer at the entries to our downtown businesses.

In addition to these displays, a group of young ladies who work for the city was busy planting the many planters that line our downtown curb sides.

Hard at work despite the stifling heat

Our city participates in the “Communities in Bloom” competition that’s held annually in Canada, and we take the competition seriously.

Some of the curb side planters are sponsored by the city and others by community groups. If your group sponsors a planter, your members are required to purchase the plants, plant them, and weed them. The city takes care of the watering.

Participating in the competition every year has greatly added to the beauty around our small prairie city as well as to the pride people take in looking after their properties.

“I am in awe of flowers.

Not because of their colors,

but because even though they

have dirt in their roots,

they still grow.

They still bloom.”

D. Antoinette Foy