Walking at sunrise always provides lots of photo ops.

Yesterday, as I walked past our wire and cable plant, I noticed the imposing silhouettes made by the large spools against the rising sun. These particular spools were inside a locked chain-link fence, so I had to stand on tiptoes to catch a shot over the top of the fence.

I used a third party camera app set to low light in order to avoid grain as much as possible. In looking at the black silhouette against the buttery sky, I’m happy I made that choice.

When I brought the photo into editing this morning, my intent was to lighten the spool a bit, but as I was starting to do that, I noticed the sunrise in the background, framed by the fence. I decided to just do a minimal edit to the spool to remove a lens flare artifact and to do a slight tweak to the sky above the rising sun. I like the subtle colour changes of the bits of sky poking through the holes along the spool rim

“There are not many original shapes or silhouettes — only a million variations.”

Charles James