On a recent power walk, I was admiring the clear blue sky when I noticed this large bunch of cones sitting like a crown at the top of a tall pine tree tree.

I had my 58mm iPhone tele lens already attached for birds, so I snapped the photo. I thought the tree and the cones would be a good contrast and would add some texture to the sky photo.

When I was looking for a quote to use in today’s post, I came across a small article on the Michigan State University Site, titled “Fun facts about pine cones”.

While reading the “fun facts”, I learned many things about these fascinating seed-protectors, including the fact that there are both male and female pine cones. Nature will forever fill me with wonder and awe.

“You can live years next door to a big pine tree, honored to have so venerable a neighbor, even when it sheds needles all over your flowers or wakes you, dropping big cones onto your deck at still of night”

Denise Levertov