Quite often, when hubs and I are out for a country drive, we’ll come across abandoned junk vehicles hidden in groves of trees, and this always stirs up so many questions in my mind.

Were there too many fond memories attached to these once-beautiful vehicles to let them go? When they stopped running, were they kept for parts? When nothing more could be salvaged from them, were they just forgotten about?

Why, after so many years have passed, and they’ve been obviously stripped of all useful parts, have they not been sold for scrap so they could be recycled?

I believe, that once they come to rest in the groves of trees, they’re out of sight and out of mind – hidden and forgotten.

Sadly, in this, I see an analogy for some humans.

“Elderly! The forgotten golds of the past; the ignored tired souls of the society! This world has many shames and one of the worst is this: Treating the elderly as the nonperson”

Mehmet Murat ildan