On our “let’s explore close to home” day trip the other day, hubs and I drove to Estevan, SK.

At 55 minutes away, Estevan is often referred to as our sister city. People commute back and forth between our cities for work, and there has always been a strong rivalry between our sports teams

Rich in oil and coal, and a located only 27 minutes from the US border, Estevan has seen many boom and bust years, but overall has survived as a thriving small prairie city.

Making the news lately, is the Carbon Capture and Storage Facility at the Boundary Dam Power Station (my feature photo). Apparently, Elon Musk has put up a 100 million dollar prize for the best carbon capture technology, and has been invited to tour this facility.

Hubs and I were checking out a Regional Park in the area and had a good view of the facility from across the water.

“The Carbon Capture Facility is capable of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to one million tonnes of carbon dioxide each year — the equivalent to taking 250,000 cars off the road”

Mayor Roy Ludwig, Estevan, SK