Sometimes, when we’re out for a drive at sunset, I attempt a shot through my hubs (driver’s side) window.

The goals are to always to use a bit of the car window as a frame and to give the sense of travel.

When I was shooting with my DSLR camera, this was a much easier task. With my iPhone native camera app, I don’t get quite the results I’m looking for, but I do have much more spontaneity. Perhaps that’s the trade off.

Regardless of the motion blur, I’m happy that the spectacular sunset was showcased and that I (quite unintentionally) caught the silhouette of a pump jack. I captured a wonderful moment in our retirement, and I think that’s what it’s all about.

“From analog film cameras to digital cameras to iPhone cameras, it has become progressively easier to take and store photographs. Today, we don’t even think twice about snapping a shot.”

Om Malik