On yesterday morning’s 6.5 K power walk along my favourite riverside trail, I took some time to rejoice in spring. I made so many stops to view and listen to birds, that it wasn’t really a power walk at all. Oh well, I got the distance in, and I enjoyed every second.

Sparrows, gulls, swallows, robins, mallard ducks, geese, red winged black birds, and pigeons were all around me. It seemed they had all arrived on the same day for a homecoming party.

Of course, this was a day I had decided to leave my phone tele lens at home.

As I was walking across one of the bridges, I heard a pigeon cooing overhead. I set my native camera app to 2x zoom, with the hope of getting a decent photo of him peering down at me from his perch on the steel truss.

As soon as he saw my movement, he flew away. I snapped the photo anyways, fully expecting to see a blurry mess when I returned home.

“If there were any justice in this world, people would occasionally be permitted to fly over pigeons.”

Gene Brown