There are benches placed at intervals along many of my walking trails.

Many of them face the river or a strategic spot to bird watch or look for wildlife.

The placement of this particular bench always puzzled me because it seemed to face nothing but a vast expanse of flat land. It also faces north, so it wasn’t placed for sunrise or sunset viewing.

As I gave it more thought, I realized that this bench faces farm land. Perhaps retired farmers living in the nearby condos would sit here at seeding time and then watch the crop go through its various growth stages until harvest time. The excitement of the harvest would follow and fond memories of their past would be kindled.

It may be a strategically-placed bench after all.

“This land pulses with life. It breathes in me; it breathes around me; it breathes in spite of me. When I walk on this land, I am walking on the heartbeat of the past and the future. And that’s only one of the reasons I am a farmer.”

~ Brenda Sutton Rose