Last evening, when hubs and I had to slip out for a short drive, I saw this vibrant sunset as we were heading back home.

I said to hubs, “Oh I need a photo of that! Please get as far west as we can and away from the city lights, as fast as we can before it changes!”

Well, those instructions took us to the entry way to an RV sales lot! Not the greatest choice for a landscape and sunset photo, but if we had tried to drive beyond it, the vibrant canvas of the sky would have been lost to the rapidly setting sun by the time we got to a better location.

On return home, I tried cropping to cut out the RVs in the foreground and the poles on the sides. I tried brushing out the RV’s and the two poles. Each editing attempt resulted in the photo losing something in the process that I didn’t want to lose. On stretching this photo, I also noticed I had captured a rabbit in the foreground. He’s not crisp because I didn’t even know he was there, so I didn’t set my focus on him. I like the accidental way he ended up in the photo.

For all of these reasons, I decided to stay with the original this time. because I know there will be many more spectacular sunsets for me to photograph in better locations.

This sunset once again demonstrates why the motto for our province is “Land of Living Skies”.

“Tonight the sun has died like an Emperor … great scarlet arcs of silk … saffron … green … crimson … and the blaze of Venus to remind one of the absolute and the infinite …”

~ John Coldstream,