Yesterday morning, I didn’t quite reach my power walk pace.

The weather was beautiful, so I took more time enjoying my surroundings and looking for photo ops. I still did a brisk 6K (3.73 mile) walk overall, so even though the speed wasn’t there, the distance was, and I did manage to get 34 minutes of cardio in the mix. I’ll take that as a healthy walk all around because not only did it meet physical needs, it felt good on a spiritual and emotional level as well. It was good for my body and my soul to be out there knowing that spring is definitely in the air at last!

This old green iron bridge is on the trail I took yesterday, so I stopped for a few minutes to enjoy the many frames it provides to the surrounding area.

“The frame is the pimp of painting; it enhances it, but it must never shine at the painting’s expense”

~ Edgar Degas