Yesterday morning’s walk took me to a quiet little park on the edge of our city. Inside this park are the community garden beds.

Many rural people who “retire to town” here, either purchase a condo or rent an apartment and, before too long, they miss the joy of gardening.

These small plots fill that need. This photo shows only a small portion of the beds in this park.

Many people use their plots to plant “theme gardens”. I spoke with someone in our condo building who said she plants a salsa garden in hers, with tomatoes, peppers, and herbs. Some plant theirs all to flowers so they can enjoy fresh cut flowers that they’ve grown themselves.

Because we’re away most of the summer, I haven’t signed up for one of these plots, and by the time we can no longer travel in our RV, I imagine that I’ll no longer have the desire to do my own gardening, no matter how small the plot is.

In the meantime, these beds patiently await spring planting, just as I await the many joys of spring walking.

“Gardens and flowers have a way of bringing people together, drawing them from their homes.”
~ Clare Ansberry