There’s a saying around here that goes something like this, “You can watch your dog run away for three days here and never lose sight of him”.

I took this photo last week on Sunday afternoon drive with hubs. This spot is about 30 minutes from where we live and, believe it or not, even a bit more rolly than here.

I’m definitely a flat-lander. I love visiting mountains, forests, hilly areas, oceans, beaches, and badlands. All of the different landscapes and landforms are beautiful and exciting. I also love returning home to the wide open spaces of our Canadian prairie home.

“The prairie is one of those plainly visible things that you can’t photograph. No camera lens can take in a big enough piece of it. The prairie landscape embraces the whole of the sky. Any undistorted image is too flat to represent the impression of immersion that is central to being on the prairie. The experience is a kind of baptism.”

~ Paul Gruchow