Two days ago, as soon as I headed out the door for my morning power walk, on an unbelievably beautiful February morning, I knew I would be meeting some goals.

When I took up power walking in the spring of 2018, my goal was to slowly work up to, and then power walk one 10K (6.21 miles) before my 65th birthdaycheck! I achieved that goal a month early.

In 2019, my goal was to power walk as often as possible each week and to do one 10K in each season – check! Because that was our first winter of “snowbirding”, I was able to complete the last season of that goal in South Texas.

For 2020, my power walking goal was to strive for 6K per walk, at least 4 days per week, and in as many different locations in our province as possible – check! A 6-week socially-distanced summer tour in our motorhome helped me complete that one.

My goals for 2021 include: to continue power walking at least 4 days per week, to complete a 10K in a Saskatchewan winter, to power walk in as many different locations in our province as possible, and to set a new personal best for power walking distance before my 68th birthday in the fall. I was able to check off two of those on Friday.

Stopping only once to snap a photo for this post, I maintained my power walking pace for 11.03 K (6.85 miles) – a new distance record for me and in a Saskatchewan February no less!

“Dream your own dreams, achieve your own goals. Your journey is your own and unique.”

~ Roy T. Bennett