I pass this building on the way home from several of my walking trails, and each time I walk past it, so many memories come flooding back.

Now office space and a medical centre, this grand old brick building was originally a bustling Co-op department store.

Photo credit to Prairie Sky Co-op’s history page

I remember going into the store via big revolving doors on the east side of the building and the first thing that greeted you was the candy counter. I don’t recall my parents ever buying candy there, as we weren’t wealthy and this particular candy was seen as an expensive luxury. I remember being intrigued watching “rich people” buy candy there. Their purchase was always wrapped in white tissue paper and then put into a white box for them to take home. Oh how I longed to know how wonderful that precious candy must have tasted. Anything that had to be wrapped so beautifully must have been special indeed.

Besides the big candy counter, the first floor housed a pharmacy, mens and boys clothing, and a small appliance and giftware section. The second floor was all girls and ladies clothing, fabric, and sewing patterns. The third floor had hardware, furniture, and a cafeteria.

Whether we were purchasing anything there or not, the 18 mile trip from our small home town to Weyburn always included a stop at the grand and exciting Co-op department store!

“We grow up but we never grow old because we are tied to the beautiful memories of our past, especially our childhood.

Never lose the child in you.

For me, having a heart of a child is still beautiful.

It makes me feel alive.”

~ Verliza Gajeles