Often, when I’m walking the many trails around our city, I’m subconsciously looking for subject frames, either man-made or natural.

I’ve power walked this particular trail more times than I can count. Besides the fact that the trail winds through a nature habitat, I love the many old bridges that cross the winding river.

On one recent walk, I saw the tree just beyond the end of the bridge, framed by the bridge itself. I had never noticed it before and now, I’m excited to return to get different angles and other seasons for this shot.

I’m also enjoying figuring out the best crop and edits. This is the original. I’ve played around with editing but keep returning to the photo as shot. If I crop it tighter to show the tree more clearly, it loses the idea of the path and much of the morning light on the path that approaches the bridge. I guess it’s personal preference, and perhaps, returning to do the shot again, I’ll either walk closer or zoom in tighter for the shot to see what I get.

“Photography is an immediate action; drawing a meditation. For me photography is to place head heart and eye along the same line of sight. It is a way of life.” ~ Henri Cartier-Bresson

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