When the weather hasn’t been conducive to walking outdoors, I’ve taken to baking artisan bread.

There are multitudes of recipes online for these easyto-make no-knead boules, and the options for creating your own unique recipes are limited only by what you have in your pantry.

There’s something appealing about these primitive rustic loaves. In addition to their beautiful appearance reminiscent of days gone by, the required slow rise minimizes bloat, thus making this bread a healthy choice.

Another thing I love about artisan bread is that it’s photogenic. I’m learning to set up appealing still life shots and working with editing apps afterwards is another opportunity for creativity.

For me, there’s much more to baking artisan bread than the heavenly smell in my kitchen.

“In the history of art there are periods when bread seems so beautiful that it nearly gets into museums.”

~ Janet Flanner