I’m often asked why I walk at sunrise. Some say that 4 am in the summer is way too early and 9am in the winter is much too cold.

Since retirement from my nursing career, I’ve developed the early to bed/early to rise mindset.

Early morning has become my favourite time of day.

Walking early, I’m almost guaranteed I’ll be alone. This gives me time to relish in the quiet, spend time in my thoughts and memories and to plan my day. The 1 hour or so of brisk walking pace to power walking pace also kickstarts my entire day with wonderful energy.

This past year, the added benefit of walking alone is that if I’m the only one on the trails, I don’t have to wear a mask for COVID-19 protection.

There’s also little to zero traffic at and around sunrise, so I’m much safer when my trails take me on city streets.

Last but not least, the glorious sunrises and the enhanced beauty of everything in the soft light of the morning golden hour encourages my photography hobby.

“This early piece of the morning is mine.”

~ Wallace Stegner