This winter, I purchased Yaktrax Run Ice Cleats. They just pull on over my running shoes and they’re invaluable for keeping me safe and secure in less than perfect outdoor walking conditions. They allow me to maintain close to the same speed and distance I do in warm weather.

On yesterday morning’s trail through a nature habitat along the river, I saw these tracks in the fresh dusting of snow.

The tracks came out from the grasslands alongside the riverbank and continued along the trail for about 2Km (1.5 miles) Im guessing it was a badger out for a morning stroll.

“An animal track captures a moment in time. They can tell you what kind of animal made them, how large that animal was, when they were made and how fast the animal was traveling at that time. With experience, you can even use them to determine the sex and relative health of an animal; tracks are that powerful.”