Yesterday it was a bit too cold for an outdoor walk at sunrise. With the wind chill, it was -17°C (1.4°F). I waited in hopes of the weather warming up, but by the time it did, I had already enjoyed a few cups of coffee. I’m unable to drink coffee before power walking because it makes my heart work too hard, so I decided to forgo the walk.

I know that as our winter progresses, we’ll have much colder temps than this. I also think that wintering in South Texas for almost 6 months last year, may have spoiled me a bit.

Yesterday I played around with a macro lens I purchased for my iPhone last summer.

My feature photo is of a tiny succulent blossom (about 1/6 the size of my thumbnail). The lens has 10X magnification.

I need a bit more practice to avoid hand shake and thus get crisper photos. Cooler weather will see me learning the techniques. I love everything about macro photography. It’s like viewing the world through a microscope.

“The human mind prefers something which it can recognize to something for which it has no name, and, whereas thousands of persons carry field glasses to bring horses, ships, or steeples close to them, only a few carry even the simplest pocket microscope. Yet a small microscope will reveal wonders a thousand times more thrilling than anything which Alice saw behind the looking-glass.”

-~ David Fairchild