I’ve taken a few days off posting in order to regroup after our recent family tragedy.

The live streamed funeral services were held yesterday. It was an impossibly sad thing not to be able to be physically there to support our dear cousins with hugs and shared tears. This is among the many nasty effects of living in a pandemic.

Yesterday, we also drove to the city for a specialist appointment for me. I had to wait 5 months for the appointment. Long waits to see specialists for “non-urgent” conditions is another example of fallout from Covid19.

Although it was a beautifully sunny winter day on the Canadian prairies, as I looked out the car window, the landscape looked bleak to me. Perhaps it was my mood.

I snapped a few photos anyways, as I always do when we’re driving somewhere.

“The bleakness weighed heavy on her, yet Awa consoled herself with the knowledge that above the clouds, somewhere the sun still shone”

~Rehan Khan