Many years ago, when I was still nursing, I decided that permanent night shifts would work better for my life at the time.

I was night charge nurse in Long Term Care in a brand new facility. It was designed so that residents lived in separate (but together in one large building) small “houses”, each with a central kitchen, living and dining area. The “houses”, were beautiful and homey far from institutional in appearance and philosophy.

Some of my night shifts, I worked with a staff member who was a skilled professional baker. Each night he worked, towards morning, he would bake bread or rolls or cinnamon buns and the people living in that house would wake to the smell of fresh baking. I know this helped to stimulate otherwise poor appetites and those who were mentally alert would wake with a smile and say, “Trent must be working”.

On request, Trent shared his rolls recipe with some of us, and yesterday was the first time I attempted them.

These were by far, the best rolls I’ve ever baked. They are light as air and so very tasty. Best of all, the aroma in my kitchen yesterday took me back to memories of my nursing life when I worked nights with a baker who brought joy to those entrusted to his care.

“Smell is a potent wizard that transports us across thousands of miles and all the years we have lived.”~ Helen Keller