A few nights ago, hubs and I decided to join in on a twinkle tour of our small city.

There was a pre-determined meeting place and everyone was to follow a police car, which was designated the “lead car”.

I’m sure that due to Covid19 precautions, and lack of pre-Christmas activities, there were far more vehicles taking part in the tour than had been anticipated.

Due to traffic lights and non-tour vehicles cutting in to the line, before too long, the group was split up and everyone was lost!

It ended up being a hilarious drive around town, meeting dozens of lost vehicles on almost every street, as everyone searched for the lead car.

We ended up doing our own tour and didn’t find the lead vehicle until near the end. Many cars followed us, and many laughs were shared between hubs and me. Another “Very Covid Christmas” memory was made.

“Sometimes crying or laughing are the only options left, and laughing feels better right now.”

~Veronica Roth