For as long as I can remember, Honigkuchen (German for Honey Cake) has been a Christmas tradition in our family.

In the weeks before Christmas, whenever visitors arrived, my Grandma (my Dad’s Mom) would bring her big gallon glass jar of Honigkuchen up from her basement cold room.

After my Grandma passed, my Mom took over making the treat, because it was a special thing from my Dad’s entire life and one of his favourites.

My Mom and Dad moved into an assisted living facility at the beginning of March this year, so my Mom no longer bakes.

Their facility is on lockdown for Covid19 precautions, so I decided to take up the tradition. After it has cured in the glass containers for the necessary 2 weeks, Ill deliver some Honigkuchen for my Dad to enjoy during the Christmas season, as he has done every year for 89 years.

This Christmas will be my parent’s first Christmas ever without family around them.

Covid19 may separate us physically, but it will never destroy the love and traditions that tie us together.

“Traditions are the memories of those before us, breathed to life when we carry them on.”

~ Kennedy Ryan