Often, on my walks, I’ll catch a glimpse of a spot of beautiful light where the early morning sun is working her magic.

Most often, I’ll see these things on the way by at a brisk pace. I usually just smile and enjoy them as I carry on. Some mornings though, I’ll forego maintenance of my power walk pace, to try to capture the memory in a photo.

The photo may somewhat cover the visual aspect, but it never encompasses the entire mood. There are so many things involved in the moment of seeing that perfect light: the feeling on my face and the smell of the crisp morning air, the sounds of the birds around me and in the distance, the gratitude for having a healthy body, the appreciation of the power of strength and movement, the challenge of finding a good angle for the shot, the nurturing of the creative part of me, and the joy of being out in nature. No, a photo can’t possibly capture all of these things, but it can trigger a memory.

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”

~ Gary Snyder