This past summer, as we toured in our motorhome around our home province of Saskatchewan, Canada, I scouted out the available walking/hiking trails at every campground. My goal was to either power walk or hike at every stop, and I accomplished that.

At Danielson provincial park, along the northeast shore of Lake Diefenbaker, I was excited to find that a segment of the Trans Canada Trail (also known as the Great Trail) was within walking distance of where we were camped.

I enjoyed hiking two portions of the trail while we were there. On the mornings I ventured out, there were no other hikers on the trail. I must admit I was a little nervous hiking alone, in the event that I’d encounter wildlife looking for breakfast (aka me).

That said, the grand scenery and the peacefulness of being alone out in nature compensated for the slight anxiety of a big cat or bear encounter.

“A walk in nature walks the soul back home”

~ Mary Davis