The Fireweed is aptly named because it often colonizes in burned out forest lands.

This particular patch was in a wooded area behind our RV at one of the recent stops on our 6-week summer getaway.

Although not native to the area where we were camped, it’s possible it had been seeded by birds.

The tiny flowers aren’t much bigger than my small fingernail, so the macro shot was needed to show the detail in these beauties. Although the breeze prevented a perfectly clear shot, I was still pleased with the outcome.

The entire plant is edible and in some northern areas, where Fireweed “is” native, the stems and leaves are used for medicinal purposes.

“Soulful healing asks, while you are healing your body with herbs from Earth, that you look for the meaning in what is happening within your body as it relates to your whole being.”

~ Robin Rose Bennett