We’ve been on the road in our RV for almost three weeks. Our mission is to spend a socially distanced July while checking out our own back yard in Saskatchewan, Canada.

We’ve been very successful at having zero contact with anyone closer than the recommended 2 meter (6ft) distance – and more often than not, the distance between us and other humans has been far greater than that.

Despite doing our part to keep others and ourselves safe, we’ve been encountering thunderstorm after thunderstorm on the normally dry prairies.

The upside is: we’ve traveled all over the USA and Canada, and this is the first time we’ve seen the great spots “close to home.I just wish the weather would cooperate a bit more.

“The weather is nature’s disruptor of human plans and busybodies. Of all the things on earth, nature’s disruption is what we know we can depend on, as it is essentially uncontrolled by men.” ~Criss Jami