I’ve struggled with this blog over the past several months. 

I believe this is, in great part, due to the fact that although I love travel and travel photography – there’s more to being “Radically Retired” than just travel. My initial intent with this blog was to feature the things I’ve experienced since retirement. Somehow, once I started doing travel posts, the blog took on a life of its own as it allowed me to reminisce about many of our travel adventures.

I still have plenty to share in the travel genre, but my plan for the coming year is to post with more regularity and to become more diverse in terms of what being  radically retired means to me.

It’s really so much more than travel. In my case, it’s a lifestyle that allows travel, but it’s naive of me to assume that everyone who retires enjoys travel, can afford to travel, or has any desire to travel. 

So, with this thought in mind, I look forward to making posts that are more universal in nature and address the many wonderful and sometimes not so wonderful things that accompany retirement. 

I’ll continue to add occasional travel references and/or pics when they fit in with the theme of a blog post.

I’m excited to become “unstuck” in my blog and am looking forward to seeing how it develops. 

The word radically is defined as follows:



  • in a thorough or fundamental way; completely.